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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All about girls !!!

Best day to propose a girl
Friends you Know
Which is the best day to propose a girl..
April 1
yes, April 1 …you Know Why that Day??
If she accept its your luck,
otherwise just tell April Foooool

Girl of our neighbors
Son: The girl of our neighbors
don’t understand English.
Father: How do you know?
Son: I said to her “Give Me Sweet Kiss”
and she slapped me

Why do girls look beautiful
Why do girls look beautiful?
is it real or due to make up?
all false
Girls look beautiful because
Boys have good IMAGINATION

The GIRL fell in love VERY DIFFERENT
The GIRL fell in love with
at second sight
because at first sight
She didn’t know that
he was very rich…

Degrees of girls
Degrees of girls!
B.A.-Beautiful Angel
B.E.-Beautiful Eyes
B.Sc.-Beautiful Structure
B.Com-Beautiful Communication
M.B.A.-Married But Awesome.

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