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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ragam Tsunami di Jepun : Org Indon risaukan Maria Ozawa

11 Mar - In an immediate response to the massive earthquake and tsunami that has hit Japan in the past few hours, a strange development in the Twitterverse is a high number of Indonesian well-wishers posting their concerns for Japanese pornstar Maria Ozawa. 

A simple search on the popular social media revealed that the most recent tweets bearing her name are all in the Indonesian language, ranging from "Moga2 kamu baik2 shj" ("I hope you are okay") to "Smoga kmu bisa menyelamatkan diri" (Hope you can save yourself") and "Tuhan selamatkan Maria Ozawa" ("God protect Maria Ozawa"), with some mention of other famous AV models as well from the island nation.

Of French-Canadian and Japanese ancestry, the 25-year-old beauty, often called 'the perfect woman in porn' due to her uncommon exotic looks, has gained notoriety in Indonesia after Maxima Pictures signed her in an Indonesian comedy called "Menculik Miyabi" in 2009, which incensed the authorities in the Islamic republic who vowed to bar her from entering the country.
She reportedly had to complete the movie in Tokyo and had the plot of the movie changed.
Her most recent film, "Hantu Tanah Kusir" was secretly shot in Jakarta and Bali and was released 25 November 2010. It is still playing in a few screens at the time of writing. 

With the release of a provocative trailer and a behind-the-scenes video featuring her in black underwear, "Hantu Tanah Kusir" has also secured release in Malaysia, although only at one screen - Kota Kinabalu's Growball Cinemax in Sabah, East Malaysia. A Singaporean release is not known at the time of publishing.

Source : http://malaysia.promotion.yahoo.com/entertainment/article/post/entertainmentfeat_sg/232/maria-ozawa-are-you-okay.html

Sudut Apa kehalnya: Hahaha....org2 di indonesia sana sgt risau tentang "artis" diorang yg ni.Tak caya pergi la cek twitter2 depa.Minah ni skunk dah selalu sgt berlakon dlm filem kat indonesia ni. Arituh berlakon dlm movie "menculik miyabi". Skunk dier blakon citer antu pulak. No wonder la ramai org indonesia di sana syggg kat minah ni..Pasal minah ni kita takyah elaborate la kat sini sapa dia sebenarnyaaa pasal korang pun mesti ramai jugak yg taw sapa dia ni..OPPPPSSS. Kalo la dia jadi mangsa tsunami kat sana agak2 bukan org indon jer concern tapi ramai lagi lelaki2 kat negara  lain yg concern jugakkk..hahahahaha..sudah2 tutup topic ni cepat2 bahaya kang ;)


  1. hahaha selamat kan miyabi????takde keje betul org indon ni hehe

  2. alaa.kenapa la tak mati.hee.

  3. Hahaha..macam takde org lain dorang nak concern ekekeke...

  4. pasti...orang malaysiapun x terkecuali.....risau

  5. kenapa famous sangat minah tu?? ce cter,ce cter.. tak paham betul.. kenapa org jepun berlakon kat indon?? dia pandai cakap indon ker??

  6. bangang gila..
    eh, maria ozawa tu bukan porn star ke?